Hello, I’m Jennifer Hathaway, a largely self-taught artist. It’s challenging to describe my work.

There are elements of abstraction and psychedelia, as well as reflections of my belief that the the divine encompasses the universe and also extends beyond space and time.

I love painting landscapes, countrysides, buildings, animals, birds and human figures. Most of my subjects are outside, and I love doing pieces that spotlight specific locations.

Most of my work is somewhat realistic, but it’s always finished with the abstract way I tend to look at things, which reflects my own personal style – something I’ve been developing for over 50 years.

“Clouds Moving Over the Land”, Oils, 2013 40″ x 30″, The Cow Series. Collection: C. Streebgreebling, Victoria, Australia
The Cow Series

“Bathers at Binah”, Oils, 1998 24″ x 20″, [random figure works]

I’ve been making art since I was small. I lived in France for a couple of years as a young teen [Dad worked for IBM], and graduated high school in Rhinebeck, a charming, historic town nestled in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. In my early 20s I became a Navy wife and then a mom. By my early 30s [always with a day job], I was doing design work for The Grateful Dead, The Band, Mercury Rev, the Woodstock II festival, and myriad small businesses and charities. Then I studied [years apart] with two different American masters.

I’ve since shown and sold all over the place, including Chelsea galleries and the ArtExpo at the Javitz in NYC. My work’s in private collections in 20+ US states, six European countries, South Africa, China, Australia, and Japan. A great deal of this came from painting on the sidewalk and in the woods.

In 2003 I was bitten by a Lyme’s tick while painting in Battery Park in NYC, preparing for a Chelsea show, and from that I developed fibromyalgia.
I’m learning to cope with my disease and am living in Ramona, a small town in Central Kansas in what I fondly call The Little Heap on the Prairie. I’m making new work, and putting it out into the world again.
There are several original paintings and drawings available for purchase, as well as very affordable prints. Please message me with your idea of a reasonable offer for the originals, if you’re interested in a piece you see.

This website contains a lot of my older work, much of which has already sold. Some of it I’ll be making available in the form of prints and “merch”, later on. Each “series” heading will link to a group of paintings done in approximately the same time or place, or with the same themes. I’ll clearly mark the few pieces that HAVEN’T sold yet. And everything else can be made into prints and other goodies.

I will include a link at the bottom of the page to some of my newest works, and what I’m up to right now, as things progress with this site.


Woods & Fields

I have spent a LOT of time schlepping canvas, paint, and easel off into remote locales, in order to portray them. I love the great outdoors, and I love to camp and to paint in pleine aire. These are just a few of several years’ worth of efforts.

Rondout Neighbors, oils,


I love meeting folks when I’m painting. I’ve met some wonderful characters over the years, and learned a great deal from all of the interactions I’ve had.

The fellow in the balcony in “Rondout Neighbors” lived in that apartment and would come out every morning and demand to know when I was going to put him into the painting. So of course I saved him for last.

The Walkabout Series

In the winter of 2016 I had reason to be out of my home, travelling across the country, couch-surfing and camping.

I visited a number of Mound Builder sites, as well as the Serpent Mound in Kentucky. I still have a few places to add to this series. And so The Walkabout Series is ongoing, I still haven’t completed it. There are a lot more pieces “percolating” for it- sketches, roughs, etc.

You can see some of what I have finished here.

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